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Part# 20G287033B

Airless Spray Gun Filter, 100 mesh, Blue

  • Airless Spray Gun Filter
  • 100 Mesh
  • Blue
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Part# 20G287032B

Airless Spray Gun Filter, 60 mesh, Black

  • Airless Spray Gun Filter
  • 60 Mesh
  • Black
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Part# 20G210500

Graco® 1/4" Inline Gun Filter Assembly 5000 psi 100 mesh Male NPS Threads

  • Graco Airless Spray Gun Inline Filter
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Part# 20G205265

Graco® 60 Mesh Airless Tip Filter

  • Graco 60 Mesh Tip Filter
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Part# 20G249199

Graco® 60 Mesh Filter Black

  • Graco® 60 Mesh Filter
  • Black
  • Sold individually
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Part# 20W0034377B

Wagner G-10 Airless Spray Gun Filter, 50 mesh, White

  • Airless Spray Gun Filter
  • 50 Mesh
  • White
  • For Wagner G-10 Airless Spray Guns
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