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Part# 10AMNTB6SS

6" Spud Bar Blade Single Slot

  • 6" Spud Bar Blade
  • Single Slot
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Part# 10DEPL2

Self Leveling Flexible Flow 4100 PSI 50lb Bag

  • Self leveling flexible flow
  • Platform L2 by Dependable
  • 50 lb
  • 4100 PSI
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Part# 10IN130393

Innovatech Center Caster Replc

  • Center caster wheel
  • Replacement part for Innovatech Terminator Ride On Floor Scraper
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Part# 10IN830001

Innovatech Milled Tile Tooth

  • Innovatech Milled Tile Tooth
  • Fits Innovatech Terminator Ride on Floor Scraper
  • For ceramic tile, tough materials
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Part# 10IN830015

Innovatech Sabre Claw 4"

  • 4'' Sabre Claw Bit
  • Fits Innovatech Terminator Ride on Floor Scraper
  • For ceramic, quarry, stone tile, wood flooring, mortar & overlayments
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Part# 10OPL90149

Ride On Flat Blade 8 x .125

  • 8" x .125" Ride On Flat Blade
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Replaceable and reliable
  • Tough and durable
  • Fit perfectly in lightweight and heavy machines
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Part# 10OPL90290

Ride On Carpet Blade 12" x 4" x .094"

  • 12" x 4" x .094" Ride On Carpet Blade
  • Scratch resistant- so can be used without anticipation on sensitive floorings
  • Reliable and replaceable
  • Tough as well as long-lasting
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Part# 10TERSM519

Terrco Carbide for Slicer

  • Carbide floor Slicer
  • For mastic or sticky materials
  • Cleans surface before grinding
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Part# 20TCH03X352VS

3.5" Spud Bar Blade Single Slot

  • 3.5" Spud Bar Blade
  • Single Slot
  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • Heat treated
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Part# 20TCHTB40301

Spud Bar Blade 3" x 0.083

  • 3"x .083" Spud Bar Blade
  • Heavy
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Spud Bar Black 15lb

  • Spud Bar
  • 15 lb
  • Black
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