Air Dryers

Air Dryers remove up to 99% of the water present in compressed air by cooling the compressed air before it passes through moisture-absorbing desiccant. 

Air Dryers are available in 1600 CFM, 950 CFM, 750 CFM, and 400 CFM sizes, and pneumatic, or 115-Volt or 230-Volt electric configurations.

The interior and exterior of the coalescing tank is galvanized to provide extended protection against corrosion and rust. The coalescing tank is filled with desiccant tablets (sold separately) to absorb water vapor as cooled compressed air is passed through the tank. Allredi Air Dryers have four overhead lifting lugs and a fork pocket base. The coalescing tank has five outlet ports: (2) 3", (1) 1-1/4", and (2) 1".

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