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Part# 20GXHD529

Graco® XHD Spray Tip 529

The Graco XHD RAC 529 SwitchTip has a 0.029 inch orifice and produces a 10 to 12 inch fan. With its Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) Tip, it’s easy to clear clogs. The Switch Tip design lets you change tip sizes in seconds – without removing the tip guard and housing. High-Pressure Airless Spray Tip for XTR and XHF Guns. Designed for spraying high-solids coatings at high pressures.

  • Saves time – no screwdriver required, change tip sizes in seconds
  • For heavy-duty applications up to 7250 psi (500 bar)
  • Recommended for use with Xtreme Sprayers and XTR Guns
  • Heavy-duty carbide tip