Walnut Shell

English Walnut Shell


Black Walnut Shell is thick and hard and can be used for a variety of blast cleaning and polishing applications.
English Walnut Shell is thinner and softer and considerably more lightweight and is ideal for polishing a surface without leaving much of a surface profile.
Both types of walnut shell can be used for blast cleaning and polishing soft metals, fiberglass, plastics, wood, and stone. Easily deburr and deflash products for moldings, castings, and electrical parts.

Common Uses:

  • Fire/Smoke Remediation
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Brick Restoration

Physical Characteristics

Shape: Angular
Hardness: 3 Mohs
Bulk Density: 40-45 lbs./cu.ft.
Specific Gravity: 1.2 - 1.4 g/cc
Free Silica: <1% crystalline silica
Total Chlorides: None
Type: Organic
Recyclability: Low
Surface Etching: Low
Military Specification: MIL-G-5634 ype 3

Packaging Options

Bulk Bags: 2,000 lbs.
Bags: 50 lbs.

Recommended Blasting Conditions

Nozzle Pressure: 60 psi
Working Distance from Surface: 6–36 inches

Inhaling dusts from abrasive blasting may result in serious injury, disease, or death.
According to OSHA, only a Type CE NIOSH-certified blasting airline respirator with positive pressure blasting helmet should be used for abrasive blasting.

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