Hard Rock Garnet

Hard Rock Garnet


The high bulk density and Mohs hardness of Hard Rock Garnet is ideal for quickly cutting through thick coatings and producing deeper surface profiles. Being a mined mineral, Hard Rock Garnet naturally has low chloride levels, reducing the risk of surface contamination. Hard Rock Garnet is non-metalic and will not leave a residue to interfere with coatings, and is virtually free of embedment.

Common Uses:

  • Manufacturing/Maintenance
  • Bridges, pipelines, oil refineries, rail yards
  • Ship yards, storage tanks, water towers
  • Blast Rooms/Blast Yards

Physical Characteristics

Shape: Angular
Hardness: 7-8 Mohs
Bulk Density: 130-150 lbs./cu.ft.
Specific Gravity: 4.0-4.1 g/cc
Free Silica: Less than 0.5%
Total Chlorides: Less than 0.5 ppm
Type: Mined Mineral
Recyclability: Medium
Surface Etching: Medium

Packaging Options

Bags: 50 lbs., 3000 lbs.

Recommended Blasting Conditions

Nozzle Pressure: 90–110 psi
Working Distance from Surface: 18–36 inches

Inhaling dusts from abrasive blasting may result in serious injury, disease, or death.
According to OSHA, only a Type CE NIOSH-certified blasting airline respirator with positive pressure blasting helmet should be used for abrasive blasting.

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